Cracked Foundation

Want to sell a house with a cracked foundation? You might be worried that you won’t be able to sell… but the good news is that you CAN (so long as the cracked foundation is disclosed to the buyer and they agree to purchase it “as is”). But… just how bad is the damage? That … Continued

Replacing Carpet

Thinking of replacing the carpet in your house?  Well, at PineCone Properties, we’ve bought and sold a lot of homes in Clark and Cowlitz County… which also means that we’ve replaced a LOT of carpet… So we thought we’d take a minute to give you some tips.  Here’s what we got! Rent Tools — Don’t … Continued

Lawncare Hacks

Want a beautiful lawn this year?  But sick of the WORK required to keep a beautiful lawn?  Here are some helpful hacks! Don’t Mow Wet Grass — It’s human nature to just want to go outside and get it done, but wait until the rain stops and give it some time to dry up. Mowing … Continued

Should You List on MLS?

Wanting to sell your home without a real estate agent?  By doing so, you’ll avoid a lot of extra fees — you’ll also have the freedom to do things on your terms – market, show, and sell your home to the right buyer for the right price.  A lot of autonomy comes with listing a … Continued

Need a Home Office?

More people are working from home than ever before!  And as fun as working from home is… it also has its challenges.  Maybe, for instance, your home doesn’t have room for an additional office and so you’re having to work at the kitchen table, in the guest room, or even in your bedroom.  (Meanwhile, the … Continued

Low-Cost Home Improvements

Want to increase the value of your home WITHOUT breaking the bank?  At PineCone Properties, we’ve bought and sold real estate for a long time in Clark and Cowlitz County.  And if there’s one thing we’ve learned…  It’s that perception is everything.  Feel free to use the following low-cost strategies to make any home more … Continued

Choosing Hardwood Flooring to Install

Want to install hardwood floors?  You’re not the only one! According to multiple sources, hardwood flooring is by far the most popular choice for homeowners.  But there are a lot of different types of hardwood floors. Which type should you install in your home?  Well, there are basically two options: solid wood or engineered wood.  … Continued

Testing Water Quality

Worried about the quality of water in your home?  If so, then for peace of mind consider getting a test kit to test the tap water.  At PineCone Properties, we’ve been working in real estate in Clark and Cowlitz County for quite some time and water quality is always something important to consider.  Here are … Continued

Which Type of Carpet to Install?

Want to install some carpet in your home?  Awesome! But what type of carpet is the best to install? What are some of the main qualities to consider?  We thought we’d stop by with some advice to help. 🙂 Here are four terms that are important to understand when selecting carpet… Density — This refers … Continued

Want a Wood Stove?

Want to add a wood stove to your house?  Who could blame you! Nothing is cozier than keeping a fire burning inside a home.  BUT… It’s not all dry wood and cozy cuddles.  Here are a few things to consider BEFORE putting a wood stove in your home… Wood Supply — To use a wood … Continued

Paperwork for Selling a House

If you’re selling a house for the first time (or heck… even for the second or third time), then you’re probably wondering what paperwork is required to sell your home. That’s a common question we get at PineCone Properties, where we’ve worked for many years in Clark and Cowlitz county buying and selling real estate.  … Continued

Emotionally Prepare to Sell your Home

Selling your home?  To most people — buyers and real estate agents, for instance — your home is just a commodity… it’s a “product” that can make them some money (real estate agent) or fulfill a need (buyers).  For YOU, though, it’s probably something more.  It’s your home — the place you’ve lived for quite … Continued